Why should you choose Debbie L. Fong-Uribe, PS to be your choice for a divorce attorney in Vancouver, Washington?

Separation from your spouse is an extremely stressful time.  Knowing information about the process and understanding the options will reduce the anxiety of the uncertainty.  The breakdown in communication will only exacerbate the ability to reach agreements at separation.  Our office can assist you with determining what your options are and simplify the divorce process. 

What Divorce Decisions Can Debbie L. Fong-Uribe Help With? 

If you want information about the separation or need a divorce, plan on making decisions that involve the following: 

•    Alimony and Child Support: Will you need to pay support to your spouse?  Will you need to pay child support as well as spousal maintenance/alimony?  If you are the spouse needing support, can you get support to help you through this situation or how long can I obtain support? 
•    Child Custody: If you have children, how much time will each spouse spend with the children, or can one spouse prevent me from seeing my children?  How will the decisions regarding our children be made?  What happens when we cannot reach a decision?
•    Child Visitation Rights: If you don’t have custody of your children, will you still be able to see them? 
•    Dividing Your Property: Who will own the house, furniture, cars, recreational equipment, and other property? 
•    Dividing Your Debt: Will you divide your debt between you and your spouse, or will you assign all of it to one person? 

If you want assistance in obtaining a fair and equitable divorce, you can’t leave any of these decisions to chance. 

Even if you and your spouse split amicably, making these decisions is very difficult without the help of an experienced attorney. 

The Advantages of Legal Assistance from Debbie L. Fong-Uribe If you need a divorce attorney in Vancouver, WA, call the team of Debbie L. Fong-Uribe. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you through the divorce process. We offer comprehensive legal support to help you through your divorce case. 

You will come away from every consultation with a clear understanding of your options. You will receive information that can answer questions that address the following:  should you negotiate or litigate your case, or should you decide to follow collaborative divorce? At Debbie L. Fong-Uribe, PS we will use  whatever process to best suit your needs from the traditional legal action to the collaborative divorce. We will attempt to obtain an amicable separation but if that cannot happen, you should not be afraid to do whatever necessary to preserve your rights. No matter which method you follow, you will have a fair settlement at the end of the divorce process. 

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Our mission is to provide compassionate and comprehensive legal support for spouses going through the marriage dissolution process. We understand that this can be one of the most stressful times in a person's life and we will work hard to provide the emotional empathy and compassion that your situation requires.